Hospitals & Healthcare

More and more hospitals and healthcare providers across the United States are using TextCaster to communicate internally with employees. They recognize the challenges of staying in touch with all employees, from when emergencies happen, to filling open shifts. Hospital employees represent a highly mobile workforce. They are seldom in one place for very long, and usually not in front of a computer to check email. But they do have their smart phones! TextCaster fills that void by providing fast, efficient communication to employees who sign up to receive alerts from their hospital, receiving information quickly, wherever they are located.

Common Uses

  1. Emergencies & Disaster Preparedness Drills
  2. Filling Open Shifts
  3. Staff Meeting Reminders
  4. Hospital Event Information
  5. HR-related Updates
  6. Severe Weather Alerts

” TextCaster is a great tool to be able to contact groups or subgroups of our employees in a quick and easy way. We have found this to be a great system for our hospital and value the tool so much we have chosen to sponsor surrounding schools’ TextCaster systems so that they are able to keep their students and families informed as well. ”

— Breanna Bredehoeft, MHA, Director of Operations
Carroll County Memorial Hospital, Carrollton, Missouri

“ TextCaster is a vital tool for hospital departments that are open 24/7. At Samaritan Hospital, we established a timeframe to send nonemergency texts so that we disturb sleep as little as possible. TextCaster is very helpful when we work long shifts as it allows us to communicate with each other about staffing notifications, meeting reminders, or to fill open shifts. We also use TextCaster for disaster preparedness drills. Using the TextCaster Admin mobile app allows me to easily send alerts from anywhere in the hospital. ”

— Susan Leathers, RN, Emergency Room Supervisor
Samaritan Hospital, Macon, MO