State and local governments use TextCaster to provide effective day-to-day information about public safety, traffic issues, community events, elections and emergency communication to citizens in their communities. TextCaster lets these government entities reach their citizens almost instantly with information that is pertinent to their well-being and that of their families.

Common Uses

  1. State & Local Elections
  2. Public Safety Notifications
  3. Internal Staff Communication
  4. National Weather Service Alerts
  5. Community Event Information
  6. Emergency Communication

” Getting information out to our staff is an ever-evolving process. Working in healthcare with staff members who work different shifts, different locations, and different access to email has its challenges. One of the benefits of using TextCaster has allowed us to reach our staff directly at any time. We have used it to pass on information to our team, such as announcements, emergency alerts, reminders, etc. We have received excellent feedback on our use of the system as it assists with keeping our staff in the know as to vital information that would otherwise get buried in emails or not seen in time. It has been instrumental in improving our internal communications. ”

— Vernon Stewart, Public Affairs Officer
Kansas City VA Medical Center, Kansas City, Missouri

“ I just wanted you to know that Atchison County (Missouri) has utilized TextCaster through a historical flooding event this year and I can’t imagine working a disaster without it! I love that it is quick, simple, and easy to use. I have sent out alerts and notifications for levee breeches from right out on the levee. Our citizens have grown accustomed to TextCaster and have relied on it heavily through this horrific event in our lives. Thank you so much! ”

— Rhonda Wiley, Director of Emergency Management
Atchison County, MO

“ I was serving as a School Board representative prior to having the TextCaster product in our Community and I received a call from a single mother that worked in a factory who was upset that her kindergarten child had been left at home alone for 3 hours due to the fact school had been released early due to slick road conditions. At that time the early release was put out over the radio but working in a factory she did not have access to receive this information. She had had a legitimate concern. Since that time with the TextCaster product in our Community she is able to receive a text message about school being released early and plan for child care prior to her child arriving home. ”

— Eric S Reeter, Assistant Chief
Chillicothe Fire Department, Livingston County, MO